End of Lease Valet

Does exactly what it says! This service is ideal for anyone who is returning a lease vehicle. Avoid getting stung by further costs. Book in today!


Wheel & Arch Detail

  • Wheels and arches pre-rinsed
  • Wheel arches cleaned using a pH balanced cleaner & wheel woolies
  • Deep clean of wheels – bolts, spokes-fronts, rears & barrels cleaned using a pH balanced wheel cleaner to remove brake dust safely without stripping off any previously applied waxes or coatings  to wheels and/or brake calipers
  • Iron remover applied to remove ferrous contaminants
  • Tar gel applied to remove tar/sticky deposits  
  • Wheels dried off with a plush microfiber towel
  • Wheel sealant applied

Exterior Detail

  • Engine bay cleaned lightly
  • pH balanced snowfoam applied to entire vehicle.
  • Detailing brush used to to agitate dirt and clean seals, badges and emblems
  • contact wash carried out using the 2 bucket method
  • Chemical decontamination carried out using iron remover
  • Tar gel used to remove tar and sticky substances
  • Surfaces dried using warm air at high pressure and plush microfiber mitt
  • Exterior prepped with IPA
  • Machine polish carried out to lighten scratches, swirls and enhance gloss
  • Door jams, cleaned and sealant applied to repel water & dirt
  • Sealant applied to protect and enrich colour and gloss
Interior Detail
  • Thorough vacuum carried out on carpets, floor mats and boot (if emptied)
  • Centre console, dashboard & steering wheel cleaned 
  • Air vents, door cards, cup holders cleaned thoroughly
  • Carpets, mats and leather steam cleaned, deodorised and stains removed
  • Surfaces finished off with an interior detailer to give a nice satin finish
  • Interior glass and mirror cleaned

Please take a look at our Terms of Business before you make a booking.

The Classic

Back to Basics

How a car should be cleaned. Our entry level service, will leave your car cleaned thoroughly, sterilised and glossing. Basically what every car deserves!

End of Lease Valet

Tender Loving Care

Treat your car to a luxury spa day. For the car that needs a little TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

The Pinnacle

The one that makes you say "WOW"

This will leave your car clean, sterilised and fresh from the inside & glowing from the outside, you will be lost for words!

The Interior Valet

Deep Clean

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The Regal Treatment

Car Valet

The first step in getting back that "New car feeling"

Tailor Made

Full Bespoke Package

Expert Consultation and Customized Packages for Your Car

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